What Are the Symptoms of Heart Disease?

Heart Disease, Symptoms and Prevention information

The spread of heart diseases like heart attack (angina pectoris) and heart attack is happening with great speed, especially in developing countries such as India, this disease takes millions of people every year because In most developed countries, either advanced medical facilities are not available and if there is too much expensive, a large portion of the population is out of reach. The lack of awareness in the other people and the running of the race, the difficulties of not keeping the care of health in life, it is increasing rapidly. Continuous hypertension prevents excess pressure in the heart, thereby increasing the chances of getting heart disease. Apart from this, diabetes also enhances heart disease and makes it even more distraught. Because of this, the amount of sugar in the blood increases and remains constant for a long time, gradually it stops the arteries further.

What is heart disease?

If there is heart disease, the arterial blood vessels in the heart become narrow and hard. Thereby, the blood does not pump in the body parts in the correct amount. (Narrowing and hardening of the arteries orthero sclerosis).

When the amount of cholesterol is high in the blood, the extra cholesterol begins to accumulate on the inner walls of the arteries of the heart and gradually the arteries become narrow and stiff due to the continuous ‘fat’ layer within the arteries. Blood circulation is blocked. In fact, the main function of the heart is oxygen, the net blood is to reach the other limb. Whose supply meets the arteries of the coronary arteries of the heart.

Now if due to any obstruction in these arteries (especially due to the accumulation of lubricating layer of lubrication within the arteries of the blood and decreasing the inner diameter of the artery), then in such a state the heart supply the blood supply Not in a way, but in a small amount and in a disrupted manner. At the beginning of heart disease, the patient works in some kind of rest and does not realize much. But there is a lot of trouble doing heavy work.

Heart attacks or heart attack symptoms Feeling nervous, having difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, experiencing severe pain in the heart, perspiration, dizziness, dizziness, acute weakness, or unconsciousness etc.

Remember the pain of the heart attack remains intact.

Angina is caused by fatigue and is relieved from resting and there is no such thing to panic if there is no special effect on blood pressure and heartbeat.

If the pain started with fatigue does not end even after relaxation and if there is no benefit from the use of painkillers (analgesics), then you should understand that there is a ‘heart attack’ Therapist should consult the doctor and treat the patient seriously.

Read more about the symptoms of heart attacks or heart attacks, reasons and prevention to read more. The Post Heart Attack Symptoms, Causes, Rescue and First Aid also explain what precautions should be taken if there were sudden attacks. |

What should eat in heart disease / Heart patient diet

In heart disease, pomegranate, amla marmalade, apple, apple marmalade, lemon juice, grapes, a little lukewarm cow’s milk, barley water, raw coconut water, carrot, Spinach, garlic, raw onion, small herd, fennel, fenugreek, raisins, crown.

Apart from its cow’s milk curd, pure ghee (limited use), wheat porridge (nutmeg wheat porridge) made of broccoli, wheat flour flour, gram flour and gram flour mixed with Mixed bread, soaked gram ( In small quantities), regular consumption of roasted Chun, rice without rice (powdered rice mixed with granule powders or rice extracted from Dhankutty) Green vegetables, fresh fruits, low-fat lactose-rich foods, etc. should be taken regularly in cardiovascular disease.

After eating, both the time (afternoon and night) should ‘breathe’ on the experience of vigour and fatigue.

Heart patients or other people who want to keep away from heart diseases should always eat vegetarian food, yoga. Proper use of Ayurvedic herbs like Arjuna bark, Amla and Herar do not produce heart disease. To avoid cardiovascular disease, with the regular exercise routine, deep sleepless sleep, reasonably resting and restrained life is a successful key to being healthy.

Amla in cardiovascular disease – In the Amlaal season, eat every morning after 2 hours of ripe athletic intestines (morning walk) or chest after exercise. If you can not eat raw or eat raw, then add the juice of 2 to 2 teaspoons of juice and honey, and when there is no buzzing season, dry granules are duly formed by grinding fine powder, 1 tsp (3 grams) sleep in the night. Take the time (in the form of the last item) with the help of water or honey.

Due to the preventive properties of the eyelids, protection from diseases is automatically achieved. “Amla” is a high-quality chemical. It is able to remove harmful and toxic substances present in the blood. Regular use of blood vessels continues to be soft and flexible, and the blood flow (blood circulation) begins to get better by removing the hardness of the walls of the blood vessels. Due to the lack of blood flow in the blood vessels, neither heart failure nor high blood pressure is caused by the disease and due to obstruction (clutter), the arteries of the brain can not rupture. For more information see Amla’s tips for the heart.

The truth is that the root cause of the increase in heart disease is the wrong lifestyle and the lifestyle that is surrounded by modern comfortable machines. For more detailed information, please read this articleCardiologist in Medanta Hospital Ranchi

Do not eat in heart disease / What should not eat heart patient?

To avoid cardiovascular disease, eating non-vegetarians, drinking, smoking, tobacco, coffee, drug intake, more salt, ghee, oils, fast spicy fried gourmet foods, modern fast food (noodles, pizza, burgers etc.) Do not eat or at least eat food-chocolate, cakes, pastries, ice cream etc.

The biggest cause of heart disease is cholesterol (Cholesterol). Foods containing fatty fat like cholesterol-like butter, ghee, meat, egg yolk, coconut oil, processed foods etc. should not be taken from food preservatives, milk-made substances such as Khoya or Mawa sweets, rabdi, cream and sugar… They should be avoided. Cholesterol, therefore, produces liver, so that the walls of the cells, hormones and nervous system (nervous system) can be formed. Cholesterol itself is made from fat and makes lipoprotein by matching protein. It becomes good and bad only after friendship with the protein. Good cholesterol (HDL-high-density lipoprotein) is light and it saves the fat from the blood. Bad cholesterol (LDL-low-density lipoprotein) is sticky and thick and lies in the blood vessels and arteries. This stops the flow of blood and our heart has to work hard to get blood in the channels. The result comes out in the form of high blood pressure, blockage and heart attack. Therefore it is very necessary to avoid cholesterol to prevent heart disease.

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