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Since the last few years, Tumblr has gone through a lot of ups and downs, but have remained a huge part of the web. Dive in to know more about it in detail.

Tumblr can be a great way to attract a niche audience and following. If you are more into an exciting niche, but it could be anything.

Does Tumblr help SEO?

The most effective way to think about Tumblr is to consider it a website in and of itself. Here are some prominent Tumblr SEO tips to help you understand about it:

  • Make sure to do all the usual on-page SEO stuff.
  • Chalk out and fix 404 errors on your Tumblr page.
  • Optimize your images along with title tags, its size as well as it’s quality.
  • Build useful links to your Tumblr post, and hence they will rank.
  • Craft out content around your images, not vice-versa.
  • Make sure to link your Tumblr with Google search console.
  • Incorporate a Tumblr sitemap
  • Consider doing the anchor text optimization.
  • Make sure to toss some structured data in there.
  • Do not forget to choose a responsive Tumblr theme. As well as keep your advertisements reasonable.

For most of the essential parts, you can treat your Tumblr the same way you would treat your website.
The most effective part about Tumblr is you do not have to worry about a lot of framework type of things. Such things are like SSL/HTTPs for
search engine optimization.

On-page SEO for Tumblr

Ok, now there are 3 ways that people will come across your Tumblr. They are search engines, Tumblr search, as well as the link from you or another third party.
You want to make sure to optimize your
Tumblr page along with each post you make. That also incorporates pictures, links, videos, as well as text.

We are going to enlighten you about the second way people will find you through Tumblr or Google search. This is where optimizing your Tumblr blog will come into play.
There is one thing you always have to remember. When optimizing for Tumblr: they keep things simple with an algorithm. They rely on tagging and popularity to rank you.

  1. Tumblr tagging

Tag your Tumblr post with relevant tags. Think of general words to well describe your posts. As well as your categories that it fits into, and then tag. Moreover, it is sometimes fun to throw a tag in there but also be sure not to confuse the Tumblr mods or the algorithms.
Make sure you tag. Tagging will allow you the Tumblr spiders to group your page, and with the right group of people as well.

2. Tumblr custom URLs and permalinks:

Always craft out the custom post URLs with regular on-page SEO; it will help your SEO strategy a lot.
The same happens with photos, the alt, as well as the description boxes, are there for a reason. No, it’s not so people can and check, it is so Tumblr can categorize your blog!

3. Tumblr homepage title and Meta description:

The easiest way to rank for the targeted keywords is through the “customize” tab on your Tumblr back end. Once you are there, look for the section labelled title’ description.

Remember to jot in a few keywords you are targeting or branding. Be sure to stick in with the standard length title tag as well as Meta description. Do not go outside of those parameters.
If you have access to inner Tumblr pages, you can work around those as well. But you will have to dig a little deeper to edit those.

4. Tumblr H tags:

The next step is to dive into the “Edit HTML” part of your Tumblr blog under the customization tab.
You have to be going to know your way around HTML/CSS at the very least to make these effective changes. At this very moment, you have to make sure that things such as H1tags are in place.
Be sure that all the posts titles are H1 tag, which has been significant for internet marketing.

5. Tumblr off-page SEO

The general rule of thumb when considering linking is to craft out content that is so good. Your readers will want to share your content ideas. The most effective and convenient way to get more links from is to have your content re-shared.
A lot of Tumblr authors do this by asking to do so below their posts. They say something like “re-share this post if you wish for good karma” or something of that nature. While this might sound like begging but it works if executed in the correct way.
Outside of Tumblr is a different world. There are several different potential options for creating exposure for your Tumblr. You can do so on other
social media websites. A lot of Tumblr authors have created Pinterest boards for their Tumblr accounts as well.
Both Tumblr and Pinterest are quite similar because the
blogging platform is image-centred.

In addition to Pinterest, Facebook, as well as Twitter, are both viable options to share your content for a potential link building. Another way to put forward your content and gain links to your Tumblr is to email people in your niche and ask them to collaborate.
This can be, however, in the form of an interview, guest post, or just a simple link drop on their blog.
Moreover, the possibilities are quite endless, and it is essential to use your imagination as well as creativity. Always think about what the other websites have to gain by mentioning you.

6. Tumblr SEO Mindset:

The first and foremost rule of Tumblr does not treat your Tumblr as a blog. This is not a platform to post articles or write about your feelings.
Make sure to get the word “article” out of your head right now! Moreover, when you learn the real meaning of a Tumblr blog, you can start thinking of articles all over again.
First, you have to open an account on Tumblr, and then you have to get inside the mind of the Tumblr followers. These followers are not like facebook followers or twitter followers.
These followers are more like a mixture of the Instagram user as well as a freelance blogger.
This particular audience is very temperamental and can be quick to make a decision. Moreover, for effective
social networking, do not just put up every image that you snap on your phone.
This is not your normal or your facebook page. We all would want our target people to be able to browse our Tumblr and get stuck because it incorporates captivating as well as interesting content there.
You can also feel free to add other people’s pictures, movies, or graphs as long as you give credit where it is due.
Your Tumblr is, however, a culmination of information that you have collected as well as posted yourself.

7. Tumblr content for SEO clients:

The following are a few effective content ides for “off-niches” if you are an SEO consultant or agency with some of those ideas.

Service industries:

-Fun-loving pictures if your company or your community.

-Graphis of funny things that happened in your workplace.

-A potential graph on why you require your service.

-A how-to video relating to your industry.

Retail Industries:

-An efficiently created image of your front-end.

-An infographic of why your services rocks.

-Images of funny people using your products.

-Appropriate graphics with statistics about your products.

Do not make your Tumblr blog just like the Pinterest or all “grid system like,” while some do you want images to be the sole focus of your blog. Make sure to create a familiar environment for people who may happen to stumble across your Tumblr.
Make sure to go with the normal style of top to bottom post style, but keep the graphics quite to a minimum. Avoid making too many ancillary pages. You, however, want to stay on the blog portion of your page, not off on other pages.
This is not at all a website. Moreover, we will advocate for the contact us page, but that is all about it.

How do you get a backlink on Tumblr?

 Once you create a Tumblr account, you have added a banner and avatar. You have also posted some content to it and created backlinks to your website from it through those posts.
Great! However, there are some other things that you can do to build robust internal backlinks from Tumblr to your profile. All you have to do is visit your Tumblr dashboard, and you will see the stream.
Anything any person posts on Tumblr that are categorized as something you have potentially expressed an interest in when creating your Tumblr account will be shown here.
Then from that moment, you can start liking people’s stuff by clicking on the heart icon. By doing this step, it will show up in their post under the people that liked it. Therefore, this will include a link to YOUR profile.

Follow for more internal links:

Now another potential step that you can take is to follow people. When you follow a particular person, it will show up on their profile below their follower’s list.
This, however, means that following people, you can build tons of potential links from Tumblr back to your profile. Moreover, this is an effective way to gain backlinks bu just following people.

Furthermore, it is always advisable to seek professional help to flourish through effective digital marketing schemes.
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