Five Surprising Benefits of Wearing Lightweight Footwear for Both Men and Women

We wear footwear for long hours, and that being said, it’s essential that your footwear provides the best possible support and comfort. And when it comes to the comfort that footwear provides, the weight of footwear matters the most. Just think that when you lift your feet, while you take each step, you’re using energy. Now just think of how much energy you expend if your footwear weighs around 400 grams? 

This is what’s great about lightweight footwear. You really don’t have to use much energy, than the heavier ones. On top of that, wearing lightweight footwear will, in turn, increase your comfort levels and give you support as well. 

Lightweight footwear are mostly preferred owing to the comfort, breath-ability, and the support it provides. Lightweight men’s footwear or women’s footwear is a must-have, considering how comfortable they are.

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of wearing lightweight footwear. 

  1. Breathable: When it comes to lightweight shoes, they lend you an easy-walk experience, by making your feet more breathable. Breathable membranes of lightweight shoes can either be waterproof membranes or a mesh lining.

    Lightweight footwear is made out of materials that are naturally light or those which can be modified to make it light. Shoes made out of waterproof material will be ideal for wearing in areas with rainy weather. Shoes made out of Synthetic leather and mesh are more breathable than those made out of leather as it lets air pass through the material. This equally applies to shoes made out of synthetic mesh materials. Mesh also keeps water out because of its design and structure. 
    A vast majority of lightweight footwear comes with a sock-like liner. It helps in reducing sweat. This makes sure that your feet are great at the end of the day. Besides lightweight shoes, flip-flops are also extreme in breath-ability. Flip-flops allow your feet to breathe, in contrast to many close-toed shoes or sneakers. This is what makes flip-flops ideal footwear for those with smelly or sweaty feet. It facilitates proper air circulation and in turn, lessens smells and sweat.
    The same applies to sandals as well- it lets your feet breath. Foot diseases such as athlete’s foot or ingrown toenail may worsen when you wear tight and heavy footwear.
  2. Maximum Comfort: When compared to heavy footwear, wearing lightweight footwear provides you with maximum comfort to make you walk further during the day. You will never experience pain and discomfort while walking for longer distances, unlike that of heavy ones.

    There are some people who are hesitant to wear a pair of flip flops, which are lightweight footwear, thinking that they’re not comfortable. But flip-flops are much more cosier than you think. Flip-flops are made out of comfortable material and have added arch and comfortable design. They are designed such that the wearer feels relaxed all day.
    You really don’t have to be concerned about your wide feet or toes being cramped when you slip on to flip flops. Added to that this footwear has an arch on both sides that supports your feet while you wear them. Its soles are made out of rubber, which is extremely comfortable.

    Besides flip-flops, slippers are also an extreme in convenience. In fact, the main reason why most people choose to wear slippers is because of the comfort it provides. This is true when you have to switch to comfortable and lightweight shoes after prolonged hours of wearing tight-fitting shoes or heavy ones.  
  3. Gives you the right support: For a better running or walking experience, lightweight shoes will be your go-to option, if you’re more into physical activities. Such shoes give you maximum support during such activities.

    While purchasing shoes, you can’t get an idea about its shoe support, merely by looking at them. In such cases, to figure out whether the shoes are supportive or not is to pay attention to the material’s sole, arch and feet. If you’ve found that it’s softer and thick then most probably it will provide optimal support.
    Some shoes do not provide arch support for your feet- insufficient arch support results in a collapsing arch. While buying shoes, you need to consider the bottom or the outer sole of the shoe. This is because sometimes, these portions lack enough cushion to absorb the force while walking on floor surfaces that are hard. Fit is equally important. Wearing footwear that is too wide, too narrow, too large or too small leads to foot pain, tired feet and body fatigue.

    Lightweight sandals with arch support provide greater balance and stability that makes standing and walking much more comfortable. Added to that, there will be a better distribution of your weight, which results in better alignment and posture of your body. Such sandals also prevent conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  4. Disease-free feet: Your feet take you to places, and a quality pair of lightweight shoes will make your feet free of any disease and keep you healthy. Most jobs require some walking or standing where the people work on their feet for long hours. Imagine all the strain that movement and weight exerted on your feet.
    Foot diseases such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis of ankle and foot, tarsal tunnel syndrome, adult acquired flat foot, toe deformities etc. are common among people who either walk long distances or stand for long hours during their work.

    Light-weight footwear- slippers, make your feet devoid of diseases such as toenail fungus infections and athlete’s foot.

    By wearing a pair of lightweight footwear, those who are engaged in some sort of work can concentrate on what they’re doing, and at the end of the day, won’t make their feet tired or cause discomfort, since lightweight footwear is designed to keep their feet comfortable and warm.  
  5. Sleek Style: You can’t go wrong with lightweight shoes. They’re extreme in style, and you really don’t have to settle for less when you’re after a comfortable pair of shoes. Owing to the sleek styling associated with lightweight shoes, it really goes well with any attire. Be it just for a casual walk or as office wear, lightweight shoes are just the right choice.
    Another feature that makes lightweight shoes distinct from its bulky counterpart is that its soles are flexible. The style of walking for each person is different and the soles of a lightweight shoe adapt to this better. And this is the major reason why they’re designed.

    Besides all these benefits, there are other benefits as well. Mainly, lightweight footwear allows you to be more active. When you wear shoes that make walking easy, you will feel much more comfortable than you used to be while wearing heavy footwear, and carry out your daily routine without stopping it. A good pair of lightweight footwear is all you need if you don’t wish heavy shoes to be bothering you whenever you wear them, with no discomfort or pain. 

Wrapping Up

More and more people are choosing lightweight, minimalist sports shoes, and are turning away the high-cushioned, heavy sports shoes which used to be popular once. Improved speed, added breathability, better protection of feet, form correction and more comfort, are some of the benefits of lightweight sports shoes. And every time you pick up your feet wearing lightweight sports shoes, you’re carrying less weight. This means you expend less energy than you would while wearing bulkier shoes. 

When compared to regular shoes, sports shoes are designed to provide much more protection to your feet. The mid sole of sports shoes prevents you from feeling hard objects while you step on it, and absorbs the impact of each step that you make. If the mid sole is softer, then you can expect greater protection and cushioning. 

Lightweight footwear supports your feet while remaining flexible. Anyone who has slipped on a pair of lightweight footwear will tell you that this is the best quality that a footwear should have. If your work demands standing for long hours, then your feet may expand. This is accommodated by lightweight footwear. The main reason is the materials used to make them, i.e., synthetic leather, mixed fabrics, and PU. 

Wearing lightweight footwear means less strain on your feet. Less muscle strain, less braking and less energy output are some of the other benefits of wearing lightweight shoes. Whether you’re wearing formal shoes or some casual shoes, it should be lightweight, or else, it causes pain and discomfort to you. 

Whether you’re involved in working or walking, a pair of quality lightweight footwear not just supports the natural movement of your feet, but lessen foot fatigue as well. Besides these benefits, many footwear is made out of flexible materials that offer extra benefits, such as offering optimum comfort. But most importantly, if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, then more likely you won’t consider wearing them again. 

So the next time when you’re buying to plan a footwear for your daily use, always prefer lightweight footwear, over anything else.

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