California Yosemite leisure tour

Yosemite is a national park worthy of careful tasting. Most tourists only arrange one day on the itinerary, and drive around the valley to visit the attractions. If time permits, consider a two-to-three day plan, live in a tent, set foot on a trail, and walk into the dense forest. You will find a different Yosemite. If you are using Usa, UK, Canada, Australia Tourist Visa then contact them immediately

1 Yosemite Valley Yosemite National Park,USA

Yosemite Valley is the place with the most tourists, and it is also the most classic scenic spot. The highway is generally a one-way road in the counterclockwise direction. The road signs are obvious, and some of them can be turned to the other direction. Several classic points of view (Vista Point) are basically beside the parking lot. Easy. Suggested spots for the half-day itinerary include Tunnel View, Bridalveil Fall, overlooking El Captain on the roadside near Bridalveil Fall, shoot Yosemite Falls on Swinging Bridge and Cook’s Meadow Loop, and take a photo of Half Dome on Sentinel Bridge; if you have a full day trip, Plus the Trails of Mirrow Lake and Lower Yosemite Fall; if you have extra time, you can drive to Glacier Point for about 2 hours, and watch the sunset is very beautiful; physical madmen can consider challenging Vernal Fall-Neveda Fall-Half Dome, or Upper Yosemite The trails at Fall-Yosemite Point each take a whole day.

The park’s free shuttle bus runs around the valley. On long or high-end weekends, parking is a bit difficult. You can park your car at the day use parking near the visitor center. Take the park’s free bus to the canyon. Hiking trailhead of various attractions.

In the Yosemite Valley, the Upper Pine Campground is the largest campground, with about two or three hundred camps. The entire camp is covered by redwood forests, and the sun is not strong. $ 26 per night per camp for a parking space, a tent lot, a picnic table, a bonfire, and a bear-proof food cabinet (food and scented items must be locked in the cabinet and not in the car) Generally, you can park 2 cars and live for 6 people. Each Loop has about 40-50 camps, equipped with a toilet. There is a place for drinking water in the middle of the toilet and a sink for pouring food residues. You can take a bath to the public bath in the nearby curry village for 5 yuan per person. The campsite can be booked at, which is very popular. Basically, the campsite will be booked as soon as it is released in the summer, or you can check to see if anyone retires before leaving.

2 Tunnel Viewpoint Yosemite National Park,USA

The scenic spot you must visit to Yosemite. Scenic View is right next to the parking lot. You can take the classic pictures of the big stone El Captain, the representative half dome, and the Bridalveil Fall. It is also the Yosemite on the postcard. Landmark photo.

3 Bridal Veil Falls Yosemite National Park,USA

Bridalveil Fall. The parking lot is 10 minutes’ walk from the waterfall. The trail is very flat. It is a concrete road. In the afternoon, the waterfall under the sun can be photographed. If you go in the morning, the sun will be blocked by the cliff.

4 Il El Capitan Yosemite National Park,USA

The granite wall and the Yosemite landmark landscape juxtaposed with the half dome. Rock climbing enthusiasts have explored more than 100 climbing paths. They want to see the whole view from the front. After coming out from Bridalveil Fall, they do n’t walk much towards the Valley On the distant road, when approached, it was incomplete.

5 swing bridge Yosemite National Park,USA 

Very good location for Yosemite Fall. The waterfall is very beautiful against the river. Several trails along the Merced River are the essence of the scenery in the valley.

6 half dome Yosemite National Park,USA

The logo of Yosemite is this big stone cut in half by the glacier. The logo of the outdoor brand North face is taken from half dome. It can be said to be a sacred place in the minds of outdoor enthusiasts. There is also a meaning among American donkey friends. To the half dome non proverbial proverb. It really takes 8-12 hours to climb the Half Dome Trail. It is a very difficult Trail, especially the last section of the rope that is cut by stone steps on the rock wall. The physical requirements are quite high, and there are many in history. Hanging case when climbing half dome. In Yosemite Valley, you can admire the full view of Half Dome from a distance. The better photographic point is Sentinel Bridge, and walk a little south from Cook’s Meadow Loop parking lot.

7 Yosemite Falls Yosemite National Park,USA

Yosemite Falls is the most representative and highest waterfall in the Yosemite Valley. It is divided into Upper Fall, Middle Cascades, and Lower Fall. There are two trails. One trail to the Lower Fall is easy. You can walk directly below the waterfall and walk for about half an hour. The other trail to the top of the Upper Fall and Yosemite Point is very difficult (used on the notice board) (“Very Strenuous”), starting at Camp4 campsite, 3.6mile length and 2700feet height difference, it takes 7-9 hours round trip. Take the Lower Yosemite Fall Trail, the car can be parked on the one-way street near the Lower Yosemite Fall Trail, or parked at the Cook’s Meadow Loop parking lot, and then take the trail, the open prairie past the Cook’s Meadow Loop Trail to see the waterfall panorama Is the best angle.

Added: April 15th summit of Upper Yosemite Fall and Yosemite Point. The night before, I stayed at Merced in the southwest of the park. I drove to Camp4 for 2 hours and 9:30, climbed for 9 hours, and took 5.5 + 3.5 hours to get up and down. , Stop on the way to take pictures and take a rest, return to Camp4 around 6:30 in the evening, and overnight at the upper pine campground.

The front part of the Yosemite Fall Trail is climbing up in the woods in the zigzag; the middle part is also in the woods. The road is gentler and there is a downhill slope. Go to the middle of the 90-degree turn and there is a branch road going down, less than 100 meters Can I reach the oh my gosh point observation platform, can you see the waterfall view, at least it matches the name of this point, and you must not miss it; the height difference in the rear section is large, and there is less cover, which requires higher physical strength; the end point of Trail It is the observation deck at the source of the waterfall. About half an hour from Upper Yosemite Fall to Yosemite Point, you can see the Half Dome and Yosemite Valley from different angles.

Tips: It is recommended to bring plenty of water, sports drinks, Energy Bar, and lunch. I brought 2 bottles of 500ml mineral water and 1 bottle of sports drinks. It feels just right. If the weather is hot, I recommend bringing more; many places on the Trail are covered with sand. It is recommended to wear non-slip and high-top climbing shoes. General sports shoes are easy to get into the sand. The weather on the mountain changes quickly and there is no artificial shelter. I can bring a waterproof jacket and simple rain gear. I encountered thunderstorms on the way down the mountain. Not long, find a sheltered mountain stream in time, wait for the rain to stop under the tree, and then continue down the mountain. After the rain on the trail, it is wet and slippery. Walk carefully.

8 Mirror Lake Yosemite National Park,USA

A more casual trail, 1 hour back and forth. The car needs to be parked at Trailhead Parking, or take the shuttle to Mirror Lake Trailhead (closer). The entire journey is a cement road. You can see the positive Half Dome reflected on Mirror Lake. You need to use a wide angle because you want to take a photo because the lake is away from Half The side of Dome’s cliff is really close, and you can clearly see the pine trees on the cliff of Half Dome.

9 Vernal Falls Yosemite National Park,USA

Vernal Falls is half way on the trail to Half Dome (I really want to challenge half dome if I have the chance), park by car at Trailhead Parking is the closest point, or take the shuttle bus from Valley to Happy Isles (closer) ), Take the John Muir Trail to the Mist Trail, you can climb from below the waterfall to the top of the waterfall (the mist splashes from the waterfall may be a little wet, so the Mist Trail is named), and if you keep walking the John Muir Trail, you can Pass from a height and overlook the waterfall, and meet the Mist Trail upstream of the waterfall. Vernal waterfall has a large drop and a large amount of water. You can see the waterfall rainbow in the sun, and it is about 3-4 hours to and fro. The two photos uploaded were taken from Mist Trail and John Muir Trail.

10 Glacier Point Viewpoint Yosemite National Park,USA

Glacier Point is a lookout point to the south of the valley by car, across the valley from Yosemite Fall. Driving uphill from Yosemite Valley takes a big circle. The one-way trip takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes, and the two-way single-lane road is in good condition. The annual road opening time is about April to November. It can be found on the National Park website (www.nps) .gov) to see if the road is open. From Glacier Point, you can see Half Dome, Nevada Fall, Vernal Fall, Merced River, Mirror Lake in the valley. Glacier Point also has a famous Overhanging Rock, a stone protruding from the edge of the cliff. Below is a valley with a drop of more than 1,000 meters. It has become a classic photo spot since the end of the last century. Of course, if you have the courage to cross The guardrail stood up. The most famous was the two girls dancing on the stone, taken in 1890. This photo is still used in the introduction of Glacier Point.

Glacier Point has better light in the evening, and the sunset directly hits Half Dome, but the sunrise is also very worth seeing, and there are few tourists and plenty of parking spaces.

11 Toulon Meadows Yosemite National Park,USA

After speaking about Yosemite Valley, then talk about this love and hate Tioga Road (Road 120), which runs through the park from east to west, connecting the valley with Mono lake, Mammoth Mountain, and can be reached from the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada) leads directly to Death Valley to the east. The highway is about 3000 meters above sea level. There are countless alpine meadows, lakes, and snow peaks along the road. However, due to the snow on the road, the road is only open from May, June to October, and November. When closed, it was impossible to enter the park from the East Gate to reach the Yosemite Valley, which added a lot of variables to the plan to travel to Yosemite in the spring and autumn.

Tioga Road takes 2 hours from Yosemite Valley to the ending Mono lake. It is recommended to stay for one night at Lee Vining, the price is cheaper than the lodge in the park, and it is convenient to watch the sunrise and sunset in Mono Lake or the park.

Tuolumne Meadows is home to this plateau route visitor center, where the Tuolumne river flows. When the Yosemite Valley enters the dry season, the meadows are full of spring flowers and the plants are rich. There are several trails on the meadow near the visitor center, not far away, and the road is flat, suitable for walking.

12 Lake Tenaya Yosemite National Park,USA

Tenaya Lake is a typical plateau lake. The water is clear and bottomed, and the color is green. The lake is beside Tioga Road. You can park and walk around the lake. There is a small beach in the northeast of the lake. Many foreigners relax here. And playing Kayak (kayaking) on ​​the lake.

13 Olmsted Point viewpoint Yosemite National Park,USA

    Olmsted Point is also a viewing point on Tioga Road, and its huge turtle shell patterned rock is its signature. You can clearly see the famous Half Dome Half Dome from another angle, you can enjoy the distant view in the parking lot, or you can walk a few hundred meters along the path to Scenic Overlook, and the perspective will be wider.

14 Mono Lake Yosemite National Park,USA

Mono Lake is already outside the park, but because there is Lee Vining, a small town where you can stay and replenish, it is very suitable as the eastmost stop of Yosemite Tioga Road. You can admire Tufa formed by mineral deposits ( Travertine), the sunrise and sunset are very beautiful. The viewing points are on the west and south sides of the lake. Please refer to the map on the photo for details.

15 Hetch Hatch Reservoir Yosemite National Park,USA

The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir is at the northwest corner of the park, which is equivalent to going west from the park and entering north from a branch road. Usually visitors to Yosemite do not consider going to this attraction. One is a long distance from the valley. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. Second, after all, the attractions are outside Yosemite Canyon. Unlike Tioga Road, you still walk along the north side of Yosemite Canyon.

The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir is a well-known controversial place in the history of environmental protection in the United States. In order to supply San Francisco with water, people have proposed the construction of dams in Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy. The founder of Yosemite National Park, the famous John Muir and his environmental protection leader The people were resolute opponents. In the end, the government decided to retain Yosemite Canyon and build a reservoir in Hetch Hetchy Canyon. This decision made John Muir regret for life. To date, many environmentalists have proposed removing the dam to restore Hetch Hetchy Canyon to its original state.

Hetch Hetchy reservoir area is full of lakes and mountains. After parking the car in the parking lot in front of the dam, you can walk up to the dam to admire the reservoir and the downstream canyon. At the other end of the dam, there is a trail that needs to pass through the tunnel. You can explore the canyon along the north side of the reservoir The waterfall on the side, many photographers think that Hetch-Hetchy is more beautiful, and there are far fewer tourists than the Yosemite Valley.

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