7 Ayurvedic tips to lose weight

In today’s era, more and more people are becoming conscious of their health, and so weight loss is a concern for every individual. People nowadays tend to search for effective and reliable methods of weight loss. Also, people are willing to do anything to shed a few kilos. We hear about different diet plans now and then that claim to be effective. With so much information, it becomes difficult to choose the best way to lose weight. It is essential to follow a good system of weight loss so that you do not lose too many vital nutrients from your body.

Losing weight must be healthy and consistent. Following the Ayurvedic system aids in losing healthy weight and promotes dosha balance. It also helps in increasing longevity through a few simple tips and guidelines.

Following the Ayurvedic treatment for weight shedding is easy, unfailing, effective, and reliable. This system does not make you starve or forbid you to eat certain foods. You don’t have to eat processed and chemical products that cause more problems than benefits. Instead, Ayurveda emphasizes certain principles that make you lose some pounds and also help in the overall maintenance of a healthy body, spirit, and mind.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips to lose weight:


Lemon water is a natural detoxifying ingredient. It has many health benefits for the body if you drink it daily. Drinking a glass of lemon juice with lukewarm water regularly in the morning aids in improving your digestive system. Moreover, it helps in shedding a few kilos. Lemon contains some body-purifying compounds. When consumed along with warm water, it enhances the body’s metabolism and aids in breaking body fat easily. It also makes you feel fresh in the morning and boosts your energy.

It is observed that sipping hot water or herbal tea throughout the day helps in losing some weight. Hot water is considered an elixir in Ayurvedic texts. The toxins, ama, accumulate in our body due to external sources like pollution, poor diet, etc. Ama is sticky, and drinking hot water helps in the detoxification of the toxins from the body.


You should engage in physical exercise daily to stay in a proper and fit state. It is believed in Ayurveda that sweating fastens weight loss. As per ayurvedic practitioners, one hour of daily physical activity or yoga helps in weight management.  Exercise increases metabolic activities in your body. Consumption of healthy food along with regular physical activity is beneficial not just for your body but also for your spirit, soul, and mind.

You must spare some time from your busy daily life for exercise and fat-burning activities like cycling, running, walking, swimming, or yoga. These are some fun physical activities. It is best to go for these activities in the morning so that you feel good and positive for another day.


In old times, people used to meditate so as to remain fit mentally and physically. Today lives are busy and fast. It is a common phenomenon to see people in stress and depression. Therefore to overcome this stress, most people tend to overeat. This results in overweight and obesity. Hence, it is crucial to engage in at least a few minutes of yoga, meditation, or mind and body relaxing techniques that keep your mind calm. 


This technique helps alleviate mental stress, and hence, there are fewer chances of weight gain, and you start to lose weight naturally. One must perform meditation, an important ayurvedic way to shed weight. Meditation helps in calming the mind and brings peace. It keeps you attentive and alert and further aids in better decision-making.


Ayurvedic practice focuses on eating healthy meals regularly. In Ayurvedic practice, there is an interlinked concept of digestive fire, transformation, and digestion. In order to have a healthy body metabolism, you must appropriately kindle your digestive fire. You must always consume three meals per day. Also, you should not snack in between your meals so as to maintain a balance. 

 Your daily diet should consist of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, the time at which you consume your food plays a role in the proper digestion of the food. It is advised to consume a heavy breakfast, comparatively light lunch with grains and vegetables, and very light dinner consisting of salad and soup before 7 pm. It aids in the healthy digestion of the food and makes your digestive fire strong. 

There must be a time gap of at least 4 hours in between your meals. If you still feel like snacking, eat dry fruits that contain essential vitamins and fibres instead of processed food products like chips.


The best ayurvedic method to shed some kilos is by consuming seasonal food according to your region. In hot weather conditions and summers, one must eat a diet rich in carbohydrates. It includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables. These fresh fruits and vegetables help boost your energy levels and make you feel light.

In winters, one must eat food products like seeds, meat, root vegetables, nuts, and cheese to protect you from the cold. 

During the rainy season and monsoon, green leafy vegetables and pulses help in detoxification. Eating as per seasons and your region aids in quicker digestion and fast absorption of vital nutrients by your body. 


You must have felt that after eating your meal, you feel lazy and sleepy. But you must roam around and take a walk after your meals. Short brisk walks after each meal help in the quick digestion of your food. This aids in weight loss.


As per Ayurveda, it is believed that excess Kapha dosha is responsible for weight gain. The Kapha diet makes you lazy and slows down your body’s metabolism to a great extent. It is also responsible for the retention of water in the body, which is further the main cause of several diseases.

Eating kapha-pacifying diet aids to eliminate many harmful toxins from your body and improves your metabolism. You must eat fresh and seasonal fruits over-processed, stale, or cold foods. 

You should understand that following ayurvedic techniques for weight loss does not mean you have to stop eating your favourite food products. The main idea is to consume everything to some extent to maintain an appropriate balance. The Ayurvedic process is long-term, it takes time, and therefore, you must be both persistent and patient.

There are some Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss. GudHealthy provides the best products that help in the management of weight loss. The products are 100% natural, safe, and AYUSH-approved. There are many herbal teas, capsules, and powders available for helping you lose kilos. These products are effective and reliable.

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