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One of the most important things in cleaning the home is knowing how to keep the house clean and tidy. It seems obvious, but we are not talking about a house being apparently clean, but about cleaning the home in depth. The reasons are multiple. In the first place, a clean and tidy home makes the environment more cozy, beautiful and spacious. And second, and much more important, a clean home prevents tenants from acquiring health problems or worsening their physical and mental health.

As deep cleaning service providers at MyChores we are experts in cleaning the home and we wish to give you some tips so you can get the cleanliness of your home in an orderly way.

Tips on how to keep your house clean and tidy

1. Avoid the accumulation of clothes and objects

It seems simple, but it costs more than it seems. And the problem is that it is something that we have to acquire as a habit and that, like everything, takes a time of learning. We have to get used to returning everything to its place and leave things in an orderly and clean, because although it seems that nothing happens to leave a book on the dining table, the problem is that we are constantly leaving objects by the house and ends up being an odyssey to order everything. So you have to take the habit of always leaving everything neat so you do not get to accumulate anything.

The same goes for the parts of the house that are not in view. You have to regularly check the cabinets and drawers so that they do not get crowded and disorganize completely. A very effective way to stop accumulating things that we do not use is to give them away, donate them or simply throw them away. We know what it costs, but then you appreciate it. If there is something you have not used in a year, we assure you that you will never do it again.

2. Deep clean the kitchen

One of the places where we have to take special care with cleaning is in the kitchen, since it is a space in which we are usually and which is in contact with the food we eat.

The countertops must be thoroughly cleaned after preparing each meal. If we clean the countertop superficially remain remains and bacteria that we can take to the mouth if later we put food on top of it. While cleaning dishes or other utensils, forget about sponges. Why? So the reason for this is that the sponges are absorbing all the dirt and when we reuse them to wash a dish we are actually washing it with the dirt that has been absorbed from the previous one. For this reason, we strongly recommend using another product, such as the washable or disposable cleaning cloth.

Finally, especially in the case of the kitchen, we recommend deep cleaning, as dirt accumulates in all kinds of corners and costs much more to clean. If you have time and desire you can do it to yourself perfectly, but if time or even the body does not allow it. At MyChores we provide professional home deep cleaning services providers who deep clean difficult to clean areas of your house very efficiently.

3. Avoid the accumulation of garbage at all costs

We all know the typical scene in which he asks: can someone throw the garbage? And infinity of excuses appears. I cannot go in my pajamas or I’ll throw it away in the morning, it’s the jewels in the crown. It would be advisable to throw away the garbage every day, since the truth is that you should not let the bag overflow with garbage. Therefore, if we throw it away every day we avoid that the bag is completely filled and that too much garbage accumulates. Throwing the garbage daily in the first place avoids having a more than unpleasant smell in the kitchen, secondly makes your kitchen cleaner by not accumulating garbage that inevitably rots and thirdly not overflowing the bags does not fall remains outside the garbage can.

It is clear that we should not be obsessed with cleanliness, but it is advisable that we take these things into account in order to get a cozy and clean house.

4. Clean what you see and what you do not see

So that the cleanliness of the home is unpolluted, we not only have to pay attention to what is seen but also to what we have most hidden. This is the case of the cabinets, since many see them as the perfect places in which to accumulate all kinds of things without needing to clean or order anything. And this is a very serious error. In fact, it should be one of the first things to consider. It is important to clean the cabinets to avoid the accumulation of dust, mildew and all kinds of dirt. The cupboards are something that we open almost daily and from which we extract clothes that we put on or objects to cook in which we put food that we are going to ingest.

To clean them you have to empty them and wipe with a damp cloth with a little neutral soap. Afterwards, we recommend passing a suitable disinfectant for the type of material in the cabinet, such as a special one for wood or aluminum. Once clean, you do not have to forget to dry it well so that no type of humidity is generated.

In the same way, if the objects or garments that were inside you have been a long time without using them, it is recommended that you clean them if you intend to use them. The same goes for the blankets that we take out now with the arrival of the cold. You have to wash them before using them because they accumulate a lot of dust.

5. Help make your home look more spacious

There are plenty of tricks to make our home look bigger. One of the first things that you have to take into account is that your house is tidy and put in view the minimum and essential. The fewer visual obstacles there are, the space will appear wider. It is crucial both in the decoration elements and the furniture itself, since it is also advisable to avoid bulky and dark furniture. And it is that the color is very important, since the clear colors like the white, ivory or earth cause an optical sensation of amplitude. Therefore, first of all, we recommend using these types of colors on the walls and then try to ensure that this is true of some of the furniture. In time to use dark or bright colors we are always with the decoration and furniture fetish of the house.

On the other hand, high ceilings, large windows or the use of mirrors that reflect light are other tricks that are used to achieve this sense of spaciousness.

6. Pay special attention to floors and carpets

Unfortunately the floors are given little attention, but they accumulate a lot of dust and dirt from the street that does not benefit our health. Therefore, every few days it is advisable to pass the mop to remove as much dirt and dust as possible. And now that winter begins, remember that the carpets are very warm and cozy, but they are a nest of mites and dirt. Therefore, they must be cleaned thoroughly so that they do not generate allergies and respiratory problems.


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